Matthew Schlachter

File Renaming Wizard

A tool created for a subdepartment of the Government of Canada to help them transition to a new file naming convention.

I was subcontracted to create a desktop application that allows for easy renaming of multiple files to comply with the new branch-level naming convention.

If you wish to try the application, you can get it here: FileRenamingWizard.exe

Alternatively, if you want the source you can get that here (complete with open-source license):

The file renaming wizard is coded in C# with WPF used for the front-end display. It quite simply renames files that are dropped into it from Windows Explorer with input from the user, while accepting multiple files and also fetching files from directories dropped into it.

Another significant feature is that it provides a preview screen for any word, html, or text documents and gives a button to open any other types of files.

In 2014, the File Renaming Wizard was featured in ARMA's IM Days, having been presented as part of a successful IT solutions case study. More about IM Days can be found at their website if you're interested in taking a look.

Some screenshots:

The initial droppable window

The initial droppable window

The processing window

The processing window