Matthew Schlachter


I've been programming and messing around with computers for over a decade. This site contains a few of my personal projects, as well as resources for some of the apps that I've developed.

DMARC reports show how emails from a server are received, but receiving them via email can hinder long-term analysis. Automating DMARC report extraction enables simpler and more robust parsing and visualization of DMARC data in custom pipelines.

APT and other package managers tend to replace modules that have been signed with a MOK. This script simplifies the process to re-sign them after an update.

A guide to connecting a DSLR or other camera to Debian as a webcam while keeping secure boot enabled.

Adventures in installing flash storage in a 1998 iMac G3.

E-commerce website with custom content and inventory management, built on a Django/python backend integrated with the Stripe API.

Lenovo laptops have many functions mapped to the function keys on the top row, but (at least on my laptop) media controls are not among them.

Designed to optimize the workflow for r/acturnips, Turnip Queue automates letting a few people at a time onto an island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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A minimalist SEO and performance-optimized website for showcasing photo albums.

When display issues killed my 2011 MacBook Pro, I decided the only option left was to toss it in the oven.

Simplified approximation of a face in a pink circle

Tell Me I'm Pretty

A tool created for a sub-department of the Government of Canada to help them transition to a new file naming convention.

Bus viewed from the front

STO Bus Finder